Posted on: April 10, 2019

Using analytics to aid you in your redesign

After your website has been live for a certain time you may decide it’s time for a redesign. You may have added a lot of additional content on over the past year or so and feel that the site is looking a little cluttered and disjointed, or you may have changed your logo and colour ways and want to reflect this in the site. When doing a redesign it is important to always think about what your customers will want on the site not just what looks good. Using tracking and analytical software such as Google analytics will allow you to drive down in to your website and find out about issues with certain pages or even elements on a page. In Analytics you can set up a number of different ways to track what your visitors do when they visit your site. You can also set up your own goals such as completions of a brochure request or call back. This will allow you to compare week by week or month by month etc. to see how your site is performing. You will be able to check which pages a visitor landed on, how long they spent on the […]

Posted on: March 27, 2019

SEO – understanding the basics and implementing them

It is very easy to forget certain search engine optimisation elements of your website and you may wonder why you are struggling to achieve decent rankings on places such as Google and Bing. Although the search engines have private algorithms, they do give an idea of what they are looking for an also what they do not want to see. Some companies get carried away with trying to make their website rank high on the search engines by delving straight into advanced SEO techniques but forget the basics. If you do not have a solid SEO foundation on your website, much of the work you do may be ignored or may not work as well as it should.  SEO can be very complex so it is advised that you seek the help of a professional to ensure that you are doing it correctly. They may be able to advise you of what you need to be doing or they may manage your SEO for you on a day to day basis.   There is obviously going to be a cost associated with this but a good marketing agency will be able to increase your sales enough to cover the additional […]

Posted on: February 20, 2019

Should you use splash pages for your website?

Splash pages used to be used in abundance but companies looking to get their website noticed. Today, they are still used by some business and there are a number of reasons in which a company may want to do this, often it is to improve their presence on the search engines such as Google, but it may be to create a page that they can promote through offline marketing or to help with paid for online advertising. If you create a PPC (Pay per Click) advertisement, then you need to link it through to a page on your website that is highly relevant to the advert. This will not only help improve the quality score for the keyword (keeping costs down and showing it higher in the listings) but will often help improve conversions. When people click a link on Google regardless of if it is a paid for advert or organic listing, they want to be taken to the page that is most relevant to the search term they entered. If you can do this then you will often find that Google and other search engines such as Bing will reward your site by pushing it further up towards […]

Posted on: January 20, 2019

Should you use web design software to create your website?

If you are a business looking to have a website developed, you may be a little shocked at the costs which can be involved, especially in more complex sites. You may be tempted to choose one of the cheaper, off the shelf website packages that allows you to create your own website with little or no programming experience. There is a huge number of companies that offer this service and they range in price. Before committing to a monthly fee or upfront cost for your website it is important to question why they are so much cheaper. Often these types of services allow you to pick from a number of different templates. You then can upload your logo, content and possibly add a contact form but essentially you will be left with a site that looks very similar to many others out there and have little control over what you can do to it. When it comes to marketing you need to be able to develop a site in such a way that it is search engine friendly (using SEO techniques). Some of these software packages that allow you to build your own site make SEO very hard if not […]

Posted on: November 25, 2018

Marketing through paid advertising

Paid advertising such as Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing and sponsored listings on sites such as Yell can work well for many companies. If you want quick, instant results then paid for marketing is probably the way to go. Paid for marketing can be expensive especially if you are in a competitive industry or are targeting generic phrases.