Are videos useful for advertising products and reviews?

Video is being used more and more to advertise products or services, show people around your business premises or to show reviews / testimonials from previous customers. With face to face contact being educed now more than ever due to Covid, companies are looking for other ways in which they can communicate with their customers and video is one of them. Many initially discussions are being done over the phone or through video and even after a purchase has been made, video can still be used to gain feedback.

If you have a product that you want to show in use, or a service which you can easily show the advantages of then video is a great way to do that. Many clothing websites are now putting catwalk videos on their website to really show customers how the clothing looks when it is on and how it flows when you are moving around.

Another way to use video on your website is for reviews and testimonials. If you can get some of your customers send you a quick video, this can be uploaded on the website for others to view and is more likely to be viewed than a big long written testimonial.