How to interact with your customers during the Covid pandemic

For many businesses’ owners, Covid has put a lot of pressure on them especially if they have had to restrict how and when they can do business. They may have mad to half their workforce in order to comply with social distancing or they may have had to shut shops or limit the number of people coming in. all of this will affect turn over and profits.

If you are in this position then you need to ensure that you are doing everything possible to still be able to communicate with your customers and make it easy for them to buy your products and services. If you can, you should set up an online shop to sell from. This will limit the amount of contact you need to have with the customer and may mean that the sales process can still be completed easily if you have people working from home.

People may be concerned about shopping online so be sure to give them reassurances such as free returns or fast delivery. This is likely to entice more people in to using your site.

BE sure to give them multiple ways of contact you, so if your phone lines are not manned then allow them to use email and social media and possibly a live chat function.