Mobile marketing continuing to boom

Although many businesses have been hit hard by the Covid outbreak, mobile marketing is still seen as a great way to build your brand and encourage sales. Now more than ever, mobile marketing is really proving it’s worth and 49% of professionals are allocating more than a quarter of their marketing budget in to mobile marketing. Many expected to see a huge increase in the amount of money spent on mobile marketing year on year but with many businesses having to make huge cut backs, marketing in all areas has received a dent. It has been important to interact with potential abs existing customers in a socially distanced way, and mobile marketing is the perfect platform for this. With any investment, it is important to track your return and this should be easily done through statistics. If you use a third party or send out your mobile marketing messages or ads then they should be able to tell you how many people have clicked ok it abs then how many have gone on to make a purchase or an enquiry. This information is vitally important as it will allow you to make informed decisions on how to continue.