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Posted on: April 24, 2018

Planning the design and layout of your website carefully

When it comes to building a website you need to think carefully about not only what information or functionality you are going to put in it but also how it is going to be displayed. Research shows that customers go very much off first impressions when it comes to buying online or even completing an enquiry form. If the website is too busy, people often get confused and do not have the time to hunt around for the bit they are looking for so will just leave. If the website has poor quality images and spelling mistakes then the customer may feel that the company is not very professional and go elsewhere. There is plenty of research you can read online which will show you trends for how long a person spends on a page, the route their eye follows and the types of call to actions that should be placed on there to attract the most clicks. Read through these and try and implement them into your website to get good customer interaction. After your website has been live for a month or so, have a good look at your analytics and see where changes may need to be […]

Posted on: March 20, 2018

How to find the best keywords or phrases to target

If you have a website that you want to improve to gain more enquiries and sales then you may need to spend some time doing some in-depth keyword research. There is no point targeting keywords or phrases that do not attract enough traffic, so you need to be able to find those first and then concentrate your efforts on them. A number of years ago, Google changed how its analytics packages recorded data. Whereas previously you could often see a number of search terms that people had typed in to get to your page, now it is very rare that you can get your hands on this data. Google has now made it that if the visitor is logged in to any of the Google services such as Gmail then their search term will not be shown. Although this has made the data harder to interpret it doesn’t mean that it’s not useful. Having a look at the landing pages can often give you an idea of what they may have typed into the search box to find your site. You may also be able to have a look in Webmaster tools as this again will often show a list […]

Posted on: February 26, 2018

SEO – keeping on top of it

Despite what many people think, SEO (search engine optimisation) cannot be something that is done once on your website and then left. SEO needs to be ongoing and with new updates being released by the search engines such as Google, your SEO may need to change or adapt to fit in with the latest algorithm. When your site is first ready to go live, it is important to insure that all of the search engine optimisation has been completed to a high standard, such as Meta data, title tags, links and content etc. Over time you will probably add to and change your website and it is vital that you also update the on page SEO elements. Adding fresh content to your site is a big part of the ranking algorithm set by Google and these pages need to be relevant and unique in order to get ranked highly. Building up your pages and relevant content on your site will not only help you get ranked for more niche search terms but can help your overall positioning on the search engine results pages. Also being active on the social media sites and getting quality links back to your site is […]

Posted on: January 31, 2018

Marketing your website to multiple locations

If you have a website and want to start targeting different locations then it is important that you have a strategy in place. Firstly you need to decide on the areas in which you wish to target. You may want to star off with smaller towns and then look to expanding to larger cities as these will be harder to rank for as there is often more competition. Once you have your list you need to see if you are going to be offering the same products and services in those areas. If you are not, then you may consider creating a new website for those areas to allow you to have accurate content on them. If you are, then you will need to add content to your site based around those geographical locations in order to get ranked for them. Sometimes you may only need a page that is highly themed around one locations. Other times you may need more than just one page in order to get decent rankings. Be sure that you do not cause any duplicate content issues. So you cannot just copy pages and change the location, each page will need to be unique and […]

Posted on: December 23, 2017

Content marketing advances

Content marketing has always been huge in terms of how successful a business is. Originally content marketing was used on website where keyword rich, relevant and fresh content was needed in order to get a website ranked on the search engines. The content needed to be written in such a way that it would get ranked but also that it would be informative and interesting enough for the reader to make them want to purchase the product or service. Although this is still very important, content marketing is not just for websites and now can be used in a number of other digital marketing platforms. Personalising your content on apps or emails for example can often lead to higher conversion rates. Creating a profile of your visitor and then using this information to tailor the content you give to them means that it will usually be a lot more relevant. With people often using their phones or tablets to read content, it is important that it is snappy and to the point. You need to give your readers bite sized bits of information that is going to make them want to continue reading. Collecting data about your customer is vital […]