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Posted on: January 27, 2013

JiWire and AWG Extend Ad-supported Wi-fi Partnership

Location-based mobile advertising firm JiWire has extended its partnership with Advanced Wireless Group (AWG), the most important provider of free wi-fi in N. American airports, to provide free, ad-supported wi-fi to travellers in airports around the US. The partnership delivers a possible audience to advertisers of greater than 293m passengers. JiWire launched its Ads for Access solution, enabling brands to sponsor wi-fi access when consumers engage with their campaign, in 2009. Calls to action include watching a video, performing a search, downloading an app, or linking to a brand’s Facebook page. Advertisers include Google Play, Microsoft, Hyatt, Comcast, and British Airways. AWG provisions a minimum 1 Mbit/second connection in large airports. Consumers are usually connected for 45 minutes after each engagement with an advertiser, with a vast collection of connections available to them. Per the firms, the logo sponsored wi-fi access program delivers a median mobile engagement rate of over 40 per cent, a 60-fold lift in performance over standard mobile banners. JiWire notes that consumer demand without cost, high speed, on-the-go internet connections is growing rapidly, as data-hungry smartphones and tablets continue to extend, and the collection of public hotspots expands. JiWire’s recent Mobile Insights report revealed that during […]

Posted on: January 25, 2013

Adfonic: Real-Time Bidding Drives CTR Up by 97 Per Cent

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) methods increase CTR (Click-Through Rates) on mobile ads by a normal of 97 per cent, in line with Adfonic’s AdSnap: Mobile RTB report. The report relies on billions of ad impressions from Adfonic’s platform, comparing the the result of campaigns using RTB – the programmatic trading of mobile ads in line with algorithms – to these which failed to. For some advertiser verticals, RTB may give a fair greater uplift. Style and fashion campaigns, let’s say, saw a rise of 231 per cent once they used RTB. There are benefits for publishers too, as eCPMs (effective cost per thousand) are 64 per cent higher on average for RTB campaigns, in line with the report. When combined with rich media ad formats, RTB can apparently prove much more effective, giving an uplift of 218 per cent over a regular banner. “In the mobile advertising world, everyone seems to be all in favour of how we will make ads more relevant and effective, especially as mobile advertising is experiencing explosive growth,” said Adfonic CTO Wes Biggs. “The challenge is considerable when coping with billions of user interactions each day. The introduction of sophisticated algorithms which analyse huge data volumes […]

Posted on: January 23, 2013

Hollywood Reporter refreshes iPad app to bring static pages to life

The Hollywood Reporter has revamped its iPad application with new editorial and advertising features that encourage users to read the weekly digital version on their devices. The Hollywood Reporter iPad app initially launched in 2010. The magazine was active in mobile this year and claims that greater than 25 percent of traffic comes through mobile devices. “The Hollywood Reporter launched its first iPad app in late 2010 as element of our overall brand re-launch,” said John Marchesini, director of product development for The Hollywood Reporter, L. a.. “This app was delivered on the dawn of the iPad, before Apple had launched its Newsstand product. Moreover, Apple’s in-app subscription policies for publications were still evolving on the time. Times have changed, and it was time for The Hollywood Reporter to catch-up,” he said. “Because people desire the print magazine so immediately each week regardless of where they’re on the earth, we understood the necessity to deliver a subscription-based tablet edition that captured the classy and quality of the print product. With its retina display, the iPad is definitely the right platform to the multimedia elements of the magazine.” Mobile entertainment The new iPad app now includes all the content from the […]

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BT App Charges Mobile Calls to Users’ Landline Bills

BT has launched SmartTalk, a free app which enables users to make calls on their iPhone on the price of a landline call. Up to 5 users can register to a single BT account, and use the OTT app to make mobile calls, over a knowledge connection, that are then billed to their home phone calling plan, and charged accordingly. This implies that calls from abroad made via the app could be treated as UK calls, that may potentially make it free – so long as the user is hooked up to wi-fi and never using up roaming data to make the decision. SmartTalk also provides another option to the problem of calling 0800, 0845, and 0870 numbers from a mobile, that may charge up to 50p per minute despite being free for landline callers. Over the last year or two, loads of parties have launched mobile-friendly voice shortcodes, but that solution requires brands to take responsibility for establishing shortcodes. While the SmartTalk app is basically a piece-around, it puts this power within the hands of shoppers. “This is a very exciting breakthrough meaning you may take your BT calling plan with you and continue saving money when you’re clear […]

Posted on: January 19, 2013

Forbes flaunts multiplatform news content via iPad app

The Jan. 21, 2013 issue of Forbes magazine Forbes has rolled out an iPad application that marries the print, Web and social components of the magazine. The new iPad app is a part of an even bigger digital and print revamp from Forbes. In comparison to other publishers and media brands which have jumped at the tablet so one can take content digital, Forbes’ approach is more cautious. “We were deliberate about our app strategy, with an extraordinarily organized approach – we first introduced apps for our investment guides and wealth lists,” said Lewis D’Vorkin, chief product officer at Forbes, The big apple. “First we transformed the Forbes Site right into a dynamic publishing platform for the era of social media,” he said. “Then we rebuilt a mobile site using HTML5, betting at the tried-and-true browser, which still remains the consumer’s preferred technique to consume news.” “Forbes magazine recharged itself, too. a brand new design and a people-centric cover strategy reinforced our message of entrepreneurial capitalism. We knew the correct app would emerge from these efforts to function a gateway to both our magazine and the extreme depth of our Website.” Read on mobile Forbes partnered with Maz to construct […]