Is your website becoming stale?

When companies first have a website designed they may be happy and think that they have everything they need to on there. It may work well for the first 12 months or so and then slowly you may start to notice a drop in your rankings or in traffic to the site. You may still have traffic going to the site but are not getting many conversions from it.

Ideally, you should be adding fresh content to your site every week or so and at least every month. This will show Google that you are active and that you are on the ball. They like to promote websites that have relevant and up to date information on them so if you can prove you are doing this then you are more likely to move up the search engine results. Having an RSS feed that adds new content to your site every day is no longer enough to show that you are actively updating it.

It’s not only your content that needs updating, sometimes you also need to change your design. Over time the online world and technology advances and if you do not act quickly you may find that you get pushed further and further down and your competitors take over.