Make sure that your website is displaying and functioning correctly

It is very important to ensure that your website is displaying and functioning as it should be. A website that either doesn’t load correctly or glitches when trying to complete certain tasks can put visitors off and if they leave they may not come back to the site again. So many websites do not work or display as they should, yet this often seems to get overlooked. Business owners do not realise how detrimental this can be and often how simple these issues are to fix.

Your website should load on multiple different browsers and devices of different screen sizes. All websites should now be responsive meaning that they will automatically change the size of the content to fit the dimensions of the screen. This is also something that Google look for in their ranking algorithm, so you may find that if you have broken links or pages that do not display correctly, you will be marked down in the search engine results.

You can try and manually check the compatibility of your site on different devices but you can also go on a number of websites which will check for you. Software such as Webmaster Tools can also help to find issues that need to be rectified.