Planning the design and layout of your website carefully

When it comes to building a website you need to think carefully about not only what information or functionality you are going to put in it but also how it is going to be displayed. Research shows that customers go very much off first impressions when it comes to buying online or even completing an enquiry form. If the website is too busy, people often get confused and do not have the time to hunt around for the bit they are looking for so will just leave. If the website has poor quality images and spelling mistakes then the customer may feel that the company is not very professional and go elsewhere.

There is plenty of research you can read online which will show you trends for how long a person spends on a page, the route their eye follows and the types of call to actions that should be placed on there to attract the most clicks. Read through these and try and implement them into your website to get good customer interaction. After your website has been live for a month or so, have a good look at your analytics and see where changes may need to be made.