Are you leading your visitors to the right places on your website?

Having a website can be a great selling tool. You need to ensure that your website is set up correctly to point the visitors where they need to go.

If may be that the main aim is to get them to fill out an enquiry form or request a brochure. It is vital that you follow the process through and ensure that it is easy to do with no issues a long the way.

As websites get added to or amended over the years, it can be easy to lose sight of what is the main goal. It is a good idea to keep checking your website, especially after lots of changes or updates have been made, to ensure you have still maintained the focus.

If you have links to other websites or videos etc then make sure you set them up to open in a new window on the browser. This way, once the browser is closed, the visitor will return to back to the website. If your website is an ecommerce site then your main aim will be getting people to buy your products online. Make sure that the checkout process is really straight forward so there is no reason for the visitor to not complete the purchase.