How Facebook can help to promote local events

If you have a business that runs local events, you may wonder what is the best way to market them. You may have a website already which you list events on, but unless people come to your site they may not know that a new event has been listed.

Social media is used by over 40 million people in the UK alone, which means it a great way to target new and existing customers.  Using social media sites such as Facebook allows you to build up a following of people in which you can advertise your business or events to.  Business accounts on Facebook need to be linked to a personal account which basically gives that person admin rights to the page.  Facebook allows you to create events within your business page and these events can then be easily added to people‚Äôs calendars or have links to sites where tickets can be purchased etc.

You can also run paid for ads to advertise your event to more people. You can choose your audience based on a number of metrics to try and ensure your ad is shown to people who it is most relevant to. The event may be a family event or it may be a sale that is happening on your website. Using events will allow people to easily see what you have on and express their interest.