How heat maps can give you valuable date for your web marketing

When it comes to web marketing, there are so many different avenues to explore you may not know where to start. If you already have a website, you may want to gain more traffic to the site but attracting new visitors or maybe you have plenty of visitors but they do not seem to be converting in to sales or enquiries.

If you have traffic to the site but don’t seem to be getting a great conversion rate, then you may want to think about using some heat map software. Heat map software can be installed on to a page and it will register everywhere a person interacts with part of the site. This allows you to see what people are doing when they land on a page and which elements work well. For example, if you have several call to actions on a page then you can track which one works best and gets the most click throughs. You can then use this in more places or redesign other areas to work in the same way.

Heatmaps are often used alongside A / B testing where you server one version of a page to some visitors and another version to others. Again, you can then see which page performs best and adopt this on your website.