How to devise a marketing plan for your website

If you have your own website and want to increase the traffic to it, you will need to come up with an online marketing plan. Your website should already be SEO friendly, so it will need to have been coded and have content on the site that is in line with the search engine’s ranking algorithm to push your website further up on the search pages. These are a number of different elements that make up SEO and although you can do some yourself, you may also want to get an SEO expert to have a look over your site.

Social media marketing can help to boost traffic to your site, but if you want a quick response then you may need to do paid for advertising through Facebook etc. This will allow you to reach thousands of people instantly in hope that they click on your ad and visit your site. If you already have a big following on Facebook or Twitter then you could do your own free posts and try and attract traffic that way.

Google and the other search engines offer a Pay per Click service where you can pay for your ad to show above the organic search results. The cost for this varies depending on the keywords you choose to target and the geographical location which your ad will be shown plus factors like the quality of your page the ad links to.