How to find the best keywords or phrases to target

If you have a website that you want to improve to gain more enquiries and sales then you may need to spend some time doing some in-depth keyword research. There is no point targeting keywords or phrases that do not attract enough traffic, so you need to be able to find those first and then concentrate your efforts on them.

A number of years ago, Google changed how its analytics packages recorded data. Whereas previously you could often see a number of search terms that people had typed in to get to your page, now it is very rare that you can get your hands on this data. Google has now made it that if the visitor is logged in to any of the Google services such as Gmail then their search term will not be shown. Although this has made the data harder to interpret it doesn’t mean that it’s not useful. Having a look at the landing pages can often give you an idea of what they may have typed into the search box to find your site. You may also be able to have a look in Webmaster tools as this again will often show a list of search terms and how many times your website has appeared for that term (impressions) and how many times it’s been clicked on.