How to improve your conversion rate

So many businesses spend a lot of time and effort trying to attract visitors to their site but lose sight of what the end goal is. There is no point in have loads of traffic if none or very little of those visitors convert to sales or enquiries.

If you find that you are getting a lot of visitors to your site, but they are not buying or completing your enquiry form, then you need to look at improving your conversion rate. There will always be several people that come to your site and leave for no apparent reason (often referred to as bounce rate). This may be because they are looking for something that you do not offer, or the sites takes too long to load or that they changed their mind for example. These people will be included in your bounce rate figure and this figure often shown on many stats packages, records the number of people or percentage of people who have left without interaction with the site. If this number is high, then you need to start carrying out some investigations to find out why they are leaving. On average you can expect to have about a 30% bounce rate on organic visits anything over this and you may need to start to be concerned. Sometimes there is too much information on your site, meaning it is putting people off reading it all. Other times it may be that your site is not working correctly or navigating round it is too hard. Whatever the reason is you need to find out and fix it as soon as possible.