Direct marketing through mobile devices

With more and more people using mobile devices, it makes sense that in order for businesses to increase their brand awareness and sales/ enquiries, they need to ensure that they are marketing to these types of visitors. Almost all of us have access to a mobile device and with more people opting to use their mobile for access websites and downloading apps than using a desktop computer, direct marketing through this avenue is essential.

The beauty with mobile marketing is that you can reach people instantly. You can create a notification and have it displayed on thousands of phones or tablets in seconds. When creating an app ensure there is a way for people to opt in to receive notifications. Make it appealing for them to do so by telling them the benefits they will have by receiving notification such as being the first to know about upcoming sales or product launches.

You may also chose to set up personal notifications specific to that user, so you may be able to notify them when a repeat order is due or when they need to book in for an engineer visit for example. This will not only boost repeat business but also build up your brand awareness.