If you are a business owner, remember to advertise your business!

As a business owner there is a lot to think about and marketing can easily get pushed to the back, especially at times when work is coming in thick and fast.

When work is going well you may stop or cut don on your marketing but not doing any marketing could leave you high and dry with no work after the initial period is over. This can then mean it takes weeks if not months to build up work again.

Marketing doesn’t have to cost the earth, although often you do get out of it what you put in. If you are willing to spend a bit of your own time on marketing then you could save money on paying someone else to do it, but I would only do this if you are confident that you know exactly what you are doing . Many marketing companies are happy and want you to get involved in the marketing. Actually, it is extremely hard to do it if the business doesn’t help out with information etc.  If you only have a small budget then social media marketing is a good place to start as there doesn’t have to be a cost involved, only your time.